Meet the Owner of Dream Creations

Meet the Owner of Dream Creations


Ivette Hernandez recently opened the doors of Dream Creations at the Trolley Stop Plaza shopping center on the corner of Imperial Avenue and 61st Street. She feels very blessed and thankful of this goal she has accomplished because Dream Creations started during a very difficult time for her family. Ivette’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with modern autism and intellectual disability when she was 18 months old.


Ivette didn’t want to miss out on her daughter’s progress and wanted to learn all she needed to in order to help her baby. Ivette and her husband decided it would be best if she stayed home to help her daughter during her sessions. As her daughter progressed, Ivette was able to step back and eventually just watch her daughter from a distance during the sessions. It was during this time that she started creating candy bouquets and flower arrangements to sell as she watched over her daughter’s sessions.


What started off as a hobby became a total success. Ivette discovered she had a hidden talent for creating party decorations and received praise from family and friends. Before long, the orders came pouring in not only from family and friends, but strangers as well.


As her daughter grew older, Ivette dreamed about one day opening a storefront. With her daughter starting school full time, she knew it was time to step up her business. Ivette and her family opened up the storefront in November. Ivette now has place dedicated specifically to creating decorations that her clients dream of.


Ivette strongly believes that we should always follow our dreams and never lose hope. Her optimism helped her find the silver lining; when her daughter was diagnosed with autism, she discovered her creativity and gift for crafting.


Ivette’s advice to us all is to “continue on our path no matter how unfair life may seem because a surprise is just around the corner. When life gives you lemons make lemonade and enjoy it while you wait for your surprise”.


Ivette hopes to create her own line of lotions, soaps, oil products that can help autistic kids. She dreams of growing her business and expanding to other communities in hopes of sharing traditions.


Ivette has been married for over 10 years and has 4 children.


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