Homeless Count

Please note the change in DATE and LOCATION! Date was changed due to weather. Please click on the link below to register to volunteer: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=xpqvjwiab&oeidk=a07eds8zdcm4afab68b



Once a year people come together and volunteer for the Regional Task Force on the Homeless’ (RTFH) annual snapshot “We All Count“. The goal is to count how many homeless people are on the streets in the County of San Diego on that night. We discovered that the count in Southeastern San Diego has been underrepresented due to the fact that our homeless population is hidden in the river creeks, canyons and bridge underpasses. Furthermore, no interviews are ever conducted here. Capturing a more accurate number is crucial so that our district can receive it’s fair share of City and County resources.
On January 27th, members of our Clean & Safe Committee including, Darnisha Hunter (Office of the Mayor), Eric Miller (Office of Council President Cole), Tekara Renee (Jacobs Center) and Officers from SDPD Southeast Divisions’ Quality of Life Team, conducted 15 interviews of homeless individuals in Council District 4. The RTFH will use these interviews to produce a community profile.
Additionally, in order to produce a more accurate count of District 4, our Clean & Safe Committee will be conducting a “District 4 Homeless Count” on February 28th at 5 a.m.
No one knows the neighborhoods as well as the residents and the people who work there.  If you would like to volunteer for the count on March 9th, please contact our office.


D4 Homeless Count

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