Our work in the Mt. Hope Good Food District – Crosswalk Celebration

When we first met with the owners of Fresh Garden Market they told us they needed advocacy for a new pedestrian crosswalk. They were worried about their customer running across Market Street at the Denby Street intersection since cars sped by to get on the I-805 freeway. They mentioned a lot of their customers were older people and families with children who attended the nearby elementary schools. Fresh Garden Market is important to the Mt. Hope Community because it is the only market that provides fresh produce for several blocks!

We worked with Project New Village (People’s Produce Project), UCSD Center for Community Health, Circulate San Diego, Environmental Health Coalition, and the County of San Diego HHSA Live Well Community Market program to advocate that the City of San Diego install a crosswalk.

Not only did the business owners advocate for a pedestrian crosswalk to be installed at this dangerous intersection, but they also wanted to invest in the community by participating in the City of San Diego’s Storefront Improvement Program. They are investing thousands of dollars to improve their facade of their business, as well as their business next door, Mariscos Altata.

While we waited to hear from the City if the intersection qualified for a crosswalk, the business owners worked with UCSD Center for Community Health’s Healthy Retail program. This program focused on making interior improvements to highlight healthy produce, such as moving it to the front of the store as well as adding more healthy options for customers.

At the same time, we worked with Project New Village to install banners along Market Street to brand this business corridor as a “Good Food District”. Next time you drive down Market Street, between I-15 and I-805 freeway, keep an eye out for the banners!

We want to thank all of the partners involved in this effort to help residents and customers of the Diamond Business District have safe access to healthy food in the Good Food District.

Crosswalk Celebration flyer

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